Albino cory catfish: breeding, feeding & more


Albino cory catfish: breeding, feeding & more

Albino cory catfish will be your perfect option if you are a beginning fish keeper because it is easy to care for, and it is one of the most popular aquarium fishes in the world.

The albino cory is a very little fish, which can live with varying water conditions, it is active during the day, so you will enjoy having them in your place.

We are here today for you in order to make sure that you know everything about albino cory catfish and how you can deal with it and present the best care routine for it.

Albino cory catfish care:

It is not hard at all to take care of the Albino cories because they are only need clean water, good food, and enough oxygen.

Therefore, you will notice that it is recommended for beginning fish keepers to take care of these little fishes.

All you need to do is bring a suitable tank full of clean water, which has enough oxygen for the fish, and good food on the bottom of it.

In order to make the water clean for this fish, you will need a filtration system, which has the ability to maintain clean water and make sure that the entire tank is highly oxygenated.

You will also notice that the fish can do a great job to keep the bottom of the tank clean of food and debris, and this is one of the most famous things about this kind of fish.

Albino cory catfish feeding:

If you want to know everything about Albino cory catfish feeding, then you have to know that they are omnivores, and they have the ability to eat all kinds of fresh, live, and flake foods.

Therefore, it will be good for them if you give them a balancing feeding that contains a high-quality sinking pellet and some flake food.

You can also give them some of the occasional algae wafers, and you will notice that they will love it.

There are some specific kinds of frozen and live food, which you can give to the fishes, such as brine shrimp, blood worms, or daphnia as a treat.

You can also make some diets for this kind of fish by using some vegetable foods, and meaty food in specific quantities.

You must know that the feeding frequency is daily, and you will need to make them eat twice a day.


This fish can eat very fast in about 5 minutes, so you have to make sure that it has enough food to eat during the day, and keep in mind the numbers of fishes in the same aquarium.

Albino cory catfish lifespan

Albino cory catfish breeding and reproduction:

Albino cories have an interesting breeding routine, so they have some rules and steps, which are:

  1. First, you will find the female fish cleans a spot on the aquarium glass, or she can clean an object in the aquarium in order to lay her eggs on.
  2. Now the male fish will initiate courting, and you will know that by seeing him chasing the female around the aquarium.
  3. The female will keep running from the male and swim away for a long time until the male finds her.
  4. Once the male finds the female, then he will seem to shiver on the female and lie on top of her immediately.
  5. You will know that the female is ready to spawn when you see her turns to the male and adamantly pounds his ventral fin and that what causes the release of sperm.
  6. Now, the female will get the sperm from the male into her mouth, then she will go away from the male to deposit a bit of sperm and just a few eggs in select spots.
  7. Finally, the female will lay anywhere between 250 and 400 eggs, and the eggs should hatch in 4-6 days after spawning.

Albino cory catfish Lifespan:

This fish will be your life partner because it can live for 5 or 8 years with optimal conditions, so as long as you take care of it very well, it will live with you for a very long term.

Water temperature for Albino cory catfish:

Generally, this fish will need a specific water temperature, which is 72.0 to 79.0° F (22.2 to 26.1° C), but you will find that the breeding temperature is a little bit different, which must be 71.6° – 78.8° (22° – 26 ° C.).

Albino cory catfish Tank size:

It is recommended to have a minimum tank, which size is 10 gallons, and if you want to keep a group of fishes on it, then you need to choose the 20 gallons tank.

Albino cory catfish Aquarium care:

If you want to take care of the aquarium, then you need to use sand or fine gravel because this fish has very sensitive barbels, so this sand or fine gravel will keep their barbels in good condition.

You must stay away from using larger gravel with sharp edges because it can cut the fish’s barbels down until they are completely gone.

Besides all of that, you have to change the water regularly by siphoning of the gravel, and this step is so important because it helps you to remove the fish’s waste and keep the tank clean.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t be afraid when you hear some weird sounds from these fishes during their courtship and communication, they make these sounds with their pectoral fins.
  • Be careful when you want to net them because they will feel threatened, so they will extend their sharp spine fins outward, then they will lock them in a rigid position.
  • You have to know that the spines of these fishes are very sharp and they can also pierce your skin, so don’t be fooled by their small size.
  • You can watch the spawning by yourself because it only lasts for an hour, then you will find that there are plenty of eggs are laid.

Now you are almost know everything related to albino cory catfish whether their feeding, breeding, tank size, or their suitable water temperature too, so we can say that you are ready to have your own albino cory fish.


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