Corydoras julii:Care, Feeding,Behavior,Lifespan & More


Corydoras julii:Care, Feeding,Behavior,Lifespan & More

Corydoras julii, the name Corydoras is given to species belonging to the family of armored catfish within the subfamily Corydoradinae.

The Corydoras Julii catfish, also known as curie or catfish, is a docile fish that does well in a community environment.

Corydoras Julii catfish are bottom feeders and are best kept in groups with six or more of their species.

What Do Corydoras julli Eat?

Corydoras Julii fish are bottom feeders and customers that will be feasted on various types of byproducts including decomposing plant matter and uneaten fish foods.

These fish will also eat insects and small crustaceans. In a home aquarium, you should be fed Corydoras catfish soaked flakes or pellets as well as some live and frozen foods as a supplement.


Corydoras Julii fish live about 10 years, but the majority of these fish die when they reach the age of 3, due to poor care or a lack of knowledge of their behavior.

Corydoras julii Reproduction

Fish Corydoras Julii The male is placed in a basin about 40 cm long and is old water because it lives in shallow water and swamps, and then the male begins to make a nest of air bubbles with a diameter of 6 cm.

After building the nest, bring down the overcrowded female, and after attempts, the male turns around the female and squeezes her to get the eggs down and fertilizes them at the same time.

This process lasts about 3 hours, then the female is taken out carefully so that she does not eat the eggs or the male kills them, and the male collects the fallen eggs and places them in the nest and after about two days the eggs hatch.

Breeding information

Corydoras Julii catfish may be tough, however, females tend to be larger and more full-fledged than males.

All Corydoras catfish are layered eggs and tend to deposit their eggs on flat surfaces such as rocks, plant leaves, and tank walls.

Corydoras can sometimes be encouraged to reproduce by systematically lowering the tank temperature of a few degrees over several days to simulate the rainy season.

Aquarium varieties

There are over 150 species of Corydoras catfish, but some of the more popular ones in a home aquarium include Aldoryo Corydoras, albino cory catfish,Bronze Corydoras, and Skunk Corydoras.

Corydoras Julii Behavior

Corydoras Julii is a hardy, non-aggressive fish typically 7.5 cm (3 in) or less in length, that is, from the many small South American catfishes of the genus Corydoras.

Family Callichthyidae, they are generally kept as attractive scavengers in tropical aquariums.

The Corydoras Julii fish are collective, calm, and peaceful, and their fins are

sometimes an easy target for some other species, Synodontis Catfish.

Since the males of Corydoras fight each other to death, one male with a few

females is sufficient if the tank is large enough and there must be places to use

them as hiding places.

Information on Corydoras Julii Fish

Julii cory is a very popular fish among amateurs and is suitable for most of them.

It is resistant to aquarium conditions and easily lives in it.

These collective, small, and living fish live in groups and feed on the bottom of the

aquarium. Their colors range from brown, gray, and spotted.

Family Callichthyidae

It belongs to the family Callichthyidae and contains about 180 families belonging

to hundreds of species and there are still recent discoveries added to this species.

About 50 of them are ponded today, and 10 species are popular and commercially


They all live in tropical South America. They need air as they sometimes swim

quickly and swiftly to the surface of the water to inhale a few and return to the

bottom. This movement is natural and the air is important for the gills.


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