Panda cory: Care, size , feeding & more


Panda cory: Care, size , feeding & more

panda cory

Panda cory is one of the cutest species of corydoras catfish at all because of its cute appearance, you will know it when you see its off-white and pinkish body, which is famous for its three obvious black markings.

If you are wondering if you can keep Panda cory in your home or not, and want to know more about its lifespan, care, and feeding, then this comprehensive guide will help you find what you are looking for.

Panda cory Lifespan:

If you want to make this fish live with you for up to 10 years, so you need to take good care of it, and it will be with you for a very long time, unlike many other catfish.

If you don’t take good care of this small fish, it will only live with you for 3 or 4 years only.

Panda cory Appearance:

We can’t say that the Panda corydoras is one of the cutest species of corydoras catfish without reason, its appearance is the reason why it is super cute.

You will find that it has an amazing body color, which is a mix of pink and off-white with three obvious black markings.

Panda cory size :

Its size is amazing also because it grows to around 2 inches long in captivity, but you can find some wild specimens that grow a little larger than these 2 inches.

If you wonder why it is called panda cory, it is because of the black markings around its eyes, which make it much like Panda.

Panda cory Care:

Panda corydoras care

You will be surprised when you know that the care level for this fish is so easy, which makes it one of the most suitable fishes for beginners.

All you need to do is to provide clean, well-oxygenated water for this cute fish and give it healthy food.

You also have to get rid of fish waste and uneaten food regularly because it is one of the most annoying things that this fish hates.

You have to consider the decomposing plant, which must be changed each week by using an aquarium vacuum.

If you do all the above steps correctly and at the perfect time, then your fish will feel so comfortable and happy with you.

Panda cory Feeding:

Feeding this small fish will be a little bit difficult because it needs special care and eats lots of foods daily.

You will find that if you get a group of these small fish, then you need to make sure that they all get plenty to eat, and you mustn’t forget about the little ones who live at the bottom of the tank.

Therefore, if you want to feed this type of fish, you need to know that they are omnivores, so you must give them plants and vegetables, besides a fair portion of meaty foods.

You will also notice that they love daphnia, and live bloodworms, so don’t make the tank free of these amazing foods.

It will also be good for them to offer some sinking pellets or wafers to eat because they will automatically head for the bottom of the tank, which will be easy for the fishes to eat.

You can also try to offer high-quality fish flakes and frozen foods for them and they will feel so happy.

If you are wondering how much and how often to feed them, then all you need to know that this fish has to eat twice a day, and the best time for it is after the sun goes down.

Panda cory Breeding and reproduction:

Panda cory Breeding and reproduction:

It is important to know that breeding in this specific kind of fish is so hard because the male panda cory usually eats the eggs before they hatch.

Therefore, you will always need to set up a separate breeding tank for these fishes in order to make sure that the eggs will fully grow.

Also, you will find that it is hard for you to recognize the males and females because they both look pretty much the same.

The only thing that makes the males differ from the females is that they tend to be slimmer and smaller than females, and this will be a little bit difficult for beginners to notice.

Important Note:

When this fish reaches 12 months old, it will sexually mature, so you shouldn’t make it breed before then because it will be extremely stressful, and it can cause serious health problems and even death.

Water temperature for Panda cory:

First, you have to know that panda cory fishes are known as tropical fish, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t live in cold weather.

All you have to do is make their water temperature suitable for them, and they always prefer a temperature of 68° to 77° Fahrenheit, so make sure that they get what they really want in your place.

Panda cory Tank size:

We all know that the panda cory is one of the easiest fishes because it is very hardy and adaptable, and that is why you can look after it easily without facing any problems.

When it comes to the tank size, you will find that this small fish will be happy if it gets a 20-gallon tank with some other small groups because this cute fish won’t prefer to live alone.

If you decide to make this fish live alone, you will only need a 10-gallon tank, but it is not recommended at all to leave this fish alone.

Panda cory Aquarium care:

It is so important to make the aquarium clean all the time because it can cause many diseases for the fishes when it becomes dirty.

The aquarium vacuum will make your work so easy because it will help you to clean the substrate and all the areas around the base of plants and underneath decorations.

It will also be perfect for your fish to put sand or fine gravel substrate in the aquarium, besides the lighting unit, filtration system, and some small plants for decoration.

We hope we make you know more about this cute fish, and we would like to hear your experience with this fish and tell us why you liked it.


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